Wednesday, March 24, 2010

La Journée Mondiale du Théâtre

Journée Mondiale du Théâtre

Samedi 27 Mars 2010 - 17h-19h

Le Cavern Club - 21 Rue Dauphine, 75006 Paris

The Internationalists Directors Collective vous invite à vous joindre à nous pour les boissons et la conversation à célébrer 'La Journée Mondiale du Théâtre'. Dame Judi Dench "Message International de La Journée Mondiale du Théâtre" sera lu en plusieurs langues à 18h.

La Journée Mondiale du Théâtre a été créée en 1961 par l’Institut International du Théâtre. Chaque année, elle est célébrée par la communauté théâtrale dans le monde entier le 27 mars. De nombreuses manifestations nationales et internationales marquent cette Journée. Mais l’événement le plus important de la Journée Mondiale du Théâtre est certainement la diffusion du « Message international de la Journée Mondiale du Théâtre » à travers lequel une éminente personnalité des arts vivants est invitée à partager ses réflexions sur le thème du théâtre et de la paix entre les peuples. Jean Cocteau (France) était l’auteur du premier Message international en 1962.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

What is Mystery?

Our core collective is currently hard at work developing a festival to be presented in New York this July inspired by Homer’s Odusseia, and we humbly ask for your inspiration and input.

Over the coming weeks, we will be posing a series of questions that we encourage you to help us answer. We have generated these questions to further our dramaturgical research in relation to the text, our collective, contemporary theatre and our current generation. Our intention is to use these questions as ‘connectors’ between our current project, our mission as a collective, and international theatre as a whole.

We would like to solicit your contributions to facilitate a larger understanding and appreciation of what these propositions mean for theatre today. In addition to the productions our directors are creating for the festival, we will be creating a collection of short works entitled ‘Instant Theatre’ that will be created the day of performance and premiered that evening based on your offerings and assistance.

In an attempt to answer these questions, we request that you submit the source material for these ‘instant’ projects. They can be in the form of a photograph, a poem, a short dialogue, a list of props, a brief prose paragraph, a piece of music etc. Each participating director will use the offered source material as the basis for their original piece, so that anything you supply will likely be utilized in the generation of the performance.

We want to make sure that, in addition to the rehearsed productions, we include the insights and musings of our fellow international theatre artists around the world. Any and all submissions are graciously accepted, and we look forward to including your contributions in our upcoming festival.

The first question we ask you to play a part in answering is: What is mystery?