Wednesday, August 20, 2008

David Beckham – The Musical

I just love it when the West End makes more of a fool out of itself than Broadway (and that’s hard to do with things like Legally Blonde and Xanadu still running). Luckily, news of the new UK musical, cheesily titled The Theatre of Dreams, has hit the press and it couldn’t be any more hilarious. British playwright/songwriter Mark Archer is in talks with West End producers to bring David Beckham's life story to the stage.

“Beckham’s story is a modern-day fairytale of heroes, villains, love, Manchester United and what it means to lead your country,’’ explained Mark Archer. “His rise from obscurity to international stardom, his universally acknowledged gifts as a supreme sportsman, and his Hollywood lifestyle all have the elements of an aspirational fable. With football and celebrity now firmly established as new secular Western religions, The Theatre of Dreams is set within a cheering football stadium – the modern-day church. The music is powerful, gospel-like rock to establish clearly football and Manchester United as a religion.’’

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