Thursday, January 22, 2009

Nikolai Roshchin's New ARTO Theater

John Freedman had once again written a great profile for the Moscow Times’ Context. This one is about director Nikolai Roshchin, his new theater ARTO and his new version of Leonid Andreyev’s Savva. Ignis Sanat. Below is an opening excerpt and here is the link to the full article.

“Nikolai Roshchin is a director who is not only willing, but eager, to tell people what they may prefer not to know. His can be an ominous theater, one that relies on the theatrical equivalent of fire and brimstone to get its points across. The examples are myriad, but I'll limit myself to one: Last year in Mystery-Bouffe, Roshchin abruptly dropped a forest of nooses over spectators' heads during a scene touching on the topic of what political leaders may do to achieve their ends.

Roshchin has always been a large canvas artist. His productions are boldly visual and invariably employ grandiose, complex sets, such as the scale-model sea schooner that sailed right up to the front row of spectators in School of Fools. Now comes Savva. Ignis Sanat, Roshchin's first fully independent production since establishing his own ARTO Theater and acquiring his own theatrical home in a small space near Turgenevskaya Ploshchad."

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