Friday, August 5, 2011

Nils's Fucked Up Day

The Internationalists partner Romanian playwright Peca Stefan - is back in NYC with a show!

Described by some critics as the "most obscene play in the Romanian theatre", Nils' Fucked Up Day by Peca Ştefan is a sarcastic, trashy, punk existentialist take on the fucked up choices we have in this fucked up world. It is outrageously performed in English & Ro-English by some of the best young actors in Bucharest. Ro-English is a form of slang which mixes Romanian words with English… cursing. However, the show is a guilty fun plea for happiness.

Introduced, in U.S. premiere, by FringeNYC ’11 – at Dixon Place. (161A Chrystie Street (Rivington Delancey) F,V to 2nd Avenue; B,D to Grand; J,M,Z to Bowery)
There are ONLY 5 performances in NYC this August!!! Don’t miss them!
To see info on the play and buy tickets visit the official website:
And check out the play’s trailer here!
Ziua futută a lui Nils, a play written by Peca Ştefan in 2002, has quite a reputation in the Romanian theatre. It was labeled, by elder critics, as being „outrageous”, „obscene”, „vulgar”. At the same time the play has been widely acknowledged by theatre professionals, who saw it as a rebirth of new Romanian playwriting. The text deals with language, Romanian (and global) hypocrisy, and a form of updated, post-modern existentialism in a hyper ironic way, that’s both challenging and guilty pleasure fun. Nevertheless, the play is an unconventional plea for happiness. For six years it was a taboo to stage this play in Romania, although it won one of the most important new playwriting awards (dramAcum, 2002) and was presented in highly acknowledged festivals such as The New Writing Bienalle in Wiesbaden, Germany (2006). In 2008 the MONDAY Theatre @ Green Hours (Bucharest) dared to produce it, under the stage direction of the author himself. Ever since, the show has been a sold out hit, in its’ Romanian version. In 2011 Peca, an internationally acclaimed playwright (Juilliard Finalist 2010, one of the 5 Authors in the Berliner Stuckemarkt 2010 (Germany), Winner of Heidelberg’s Stuckemarkt Innovation Award 20007 (Germany)), has rewritten the play so we can share the performance with international audiences (both in Bucharest and abroad). Nils’ Fucked Up Day (the new English title) is now a mix of Romanian and English, powered by one of the best VJ’s in Romania (Cinty) combining multimedia, interactivity and a very inciting way to look at the world and its stereotypes.
Teatrul LUNI de la Green Hours (MONDAY Theatre @ Green Hours) is probably THE PLACE to go if you want to see the most exciting indie/off theatre productions in Romania. With a non-stop season since 1997 – the MONDAY Theatre debuted some of the best young actors, directors, stage designers and playwrights in the new wave of Romanian theatre. After presenting two very successful plays by Peca Ştefan in FringeNYC’ 07 (The Sunshine Play and Bucharest Calling), the company returns for the 2011 edition of the International New York Fringe Festival with “Nils’ Fucked Up Day”.

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