Monday, August 13, 2007

NY Meeting

So I've managed to book us a space on Monday, August 20th from 5:30-6:30pm EST at the TACT Studio, 900 Broadway (at 20th St.), Suite 905. Though Indy will have just left, Matteo and Ana will be in town. For those folks abroad, we will try to figure out some Skype solution. We will also have someone take notes and type them up for the blog. As we only have one hour before Matteo's workshop begins, please be on time. Look forward to seeing everyone.



Over mij said...

Some topic suggestions:

- collaboration structure

- ways of communication:
I will try to attend a meeting on international collaboration and communication in September in The Netherlands. I already contacted the organisation.

- operationalisations of how we can use internationalists practical. So how can we help each other in a practical way. Maybe we have to write down the expectations we have.

I think the post of Athina and Pia from July 16th contains some good points of discussion.

I don't have skype, but if there is an agenda I will try to write down my own ideas about the topics.

Miss you all!


Theatrician No. 13 said...

It may be too late now, but I've been getting some responses from political science friends who say we do NOT want to call ourselves "internationalists" because it means we're in favor of free (not fair) trade.
Wikipedia says:
Very careful distinctions are now being made between international or multinational relationships - between and among nation-states or agents thereof - and transnational relationships between and among individuals and other entities, regardless of nation-state boundaries.

Internationalism refers to global co-operation between nation states, and points to the affairs between nation-state governments, while transnationalism refers to global co-operation between people, and points to activities, which transcends national boundaries and in which nation-state governments do not play the most important or even a significant role.

If transnationalism describes the individual experience, cosmopolitanism is the philosophy behind it.

Examples of internationalism include United Nations, international treaties, international customs and tariffs regulations. Examples of transnationalism include NGOs such as Greenpeace or Médecins sans Frontières, global financial activities, global science research, and global environmental concerns.

I vote we call ourselves "the transnationalists" rather than "internationalists" before it's too late, and Calvin Wynter will have to deal with it...? Oh well, maybe no-one cares about this but me...