Tuesday, July 24, 2007


It didn't dawn on me until just this moment how ironic it was that Tamilla and I ran into each other at 5:30 in the morning last week at the airport, only to find some 45 minutes later that we were flying the same airline, to the same city, and sitting in the SAME ROW, NEXT to each other (Okay, we split the aisle, but that still counts, right?). We, of course, had different final destinations, but this was our arrangement to the halfway point of our respective trips. Strange coincidence: doesn't it have something to do with what we're trying to accomplish here? In this vast global society, our boundaries continually push further and further out, drawing each of us closer to our international companions, and stretching us further from our companions at home. It's at these rare intersections (Tamilla 34C, Jeremy 34D) (Hah, hah. Yeah, I already thought of that joke), that we are reminded that we A.) Have to take better advantage of our rare times together, to harness the spark of creation and benefit mutually from collective brainpower and emotional presence, and B.) Have to work on our global communicative strategies. I'm having a hell of time getting all of the performers in my permanent ensemble all together right now, and yet all of you are reading this, posting, and effectively making great strides in communication across many international borders.

And speaking of communication, I just read all of my gmail inbox. Haven't looked at it since I sent that email with that TERRIBLE idea of meeting at Grasroots. I logged into that account that day because I it's the only email account I could access on those dinosaur machines they had in the blogging room. I never check this account, though, and I've missed out on a lot of emails. Now I've read them all, though, and I'm back on track, and I'm really sorry that I haven't replied to any of these emails that I didn't get until now.

YOU: "Okay, is this guy ever going to get to the point?"

ME: "Yes. Here it is."

It's really great that so many of you are taking the initiative to go forth and talk to people about this and sell it. I think we all definitely need to be on the same page about what it is we're "selling," however. What I would like to hear us discuss, is the nature of this(these) first project(s) at 45 Bleecker, and Edinburgh(?). Doug listed COMMUNITY, EXCHANGE, AND COLLABORATION as three primary functions of this group. They all can work independently or together, and I'm interested in knowing what the function of all three will be. I think there's probably an exchange camp and a collaboration camp in this unique group of people (Everyone wants community), and I would like to make sure that everyone's needs get fulfilled. I guess I would like to open up the conversation on artistic content a little wider. We might have space and support. Now, what do we do with it?

It's already been noted that this is not a Theater Company, but a collective. I understand that, and agree full-heartedly with it. I do not think that that precludes us from artistic collaboration, however.

I'd like to propose, then, that the formation of a collaboration group begin, which over time creates a project that is then integrated into the overall scheme as an exchange project. What does everyone think about that, and who would be interested in participating in it?

I'll openly admit that I'm very inexperienced at founding/forming an official group, and more importantly, I'm really scared of it. Luckily, some of you are amazing at it (We all know who you are), and I'm very thankful for your work. That said, I'm very willing to work in whatever way is needed to make this thing go forward.

And yes, let's do this Skype conference. Except, let's not use skype, because only five people can be on a skype conference call at a time. I suggest that everyone get a username at stickam.com. I (Or someone) could set up a private session, and then we all could be invited into that room. That's the only way I can figure out getting 17 people in on a video (Or just audio) conference call (Oh, yes, it will be chaotic). Someone suggested sending in three possible times we could meet. Perhaps I'll just suggest first that we do it on a weekend day. It could start in the morning for west coast, early afternoon for east coast, evening for Europe, nighttime for Asia. August 4th or 5th?



Anonymous said...

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The Internationalists said...

Hi all,
Good idea to have a video/audio conference. I'm in Austria 4/5 August but I could do 11/12 August...
All best, Michel

pia said...

hey chaps! Am making a little timetable of times and days that are good for people. Keep posting those times and I will keep collating.
Any time until end of August is good for me.
Excited about the artistic collaboration conversations Jeremy. And totally agree that this is within the realms of a collective. Indeed, perhaps at the heart of a collective?


megspaz said...

Pacific time on the West Coast for me I can pull off late night l1pm to 2am or morning 7-10 most days with advance notice. Aug 11th and 12th are horrible for me though. I am really excited to talk!

athina said...

I am very excited about artistic collaboration... I will try my best with the dates decided... but just in case some of us who are interested cannot make the date can we keep minutes for this meetings?