Friday, April 25, 2008

Repertory Self-Isolation

This is the third article in a series written by The Belarus Free Theatre on contemporary theatre in Russia, Belarus and the Ukraine. You can find the first two articles linked in our March 21, 2008 post. Here’s a quick excerpt.

“If you look carefully through the repertoires of the Belarusian, Ukrainian and Russian theatres, there is one conclusion you may come to: theatres in these countries stand outside the global theatre space – and maybe even strive for self-isolation. An entire complex of theatrical problems is to blame.

Once, a famous Moscow critic, who came to the Belarusian capital to hold a seminar, asked “What is on at Minsk theatres?”. I answered, “You probably won’t have heard of many of the playwrights…”. “I know every playwright – I read three or four plays a day.” When the critic saw the program of one of the theatres, he stared at it, perplexed, for a couple of minutes and after a pause asked, “Who are these writers?!”.

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