Friday, April 18, 2008

Technological Takeover?

Lyn Gardner, theatre blogger for the 'Guardian Unlimited', raises the ever timely question, “Does contemporary theatre depend too much on technology? Has technology now become the show rather than servicing it?” She’s in the firm belief that tech is taking over. This in contrast to Robert Lepage’s ‘World Theatre Day’ message that says we all need to embrace technology as part of theatre’s natural evolution. (Funny enough, Gardner brings up Lepage’s Edinburgh Festival open night that had to be cancelled because of computer problems.)

No doubt, this question will continue to press upon the theatrical community as technology continues to advance. It’s not so much should we utilize the technology, but how can we best use it to our advantage? I think the both of them are correct. We do need to be open and accepting of new ideas and resources, but at the same time we need to make sure that the tools are serving the show. Theatre is primarily the relationship between the actor and the audience, and nothing should distract from or prevent that connection being made. Technology can either help or hinder our ability to tell the story and we shouldn’t lose sight of that.

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Jake said...

couldn't agree with that more... jw.