Wednesday, May 14, 2008

European Association for Theatre Culture

Akt-Zent/Protei/Scut was founded in 1994 under the artistic direction of Jurij Alschitz as mutually independent international theatre centers in Berlin, Rome, Stockholm and Oslo. In 2000 they joined forces to create the European Association for Theatre Culture with the objective to bring together the world’s different theatre traditions, primarily those of Western Europe and Russia. All its programs are designed to promote the on-going education of professional actors, directors, pedagogues and scholars. In master-classes, seminars, conference, laboratories and festivals, the aim is the research and exploration of theatrical processes. Applications are currently available for their International theatre Summer Academy, which offers four training courses: 1. School for Professional Actors 2. School for Young Actors 3. School for Directors, Acting Teachers, Choreographers and Playwrights and 4. Open School of Ideas. Click here for more information about the organization and programming.

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