Friday, May 16, 2008

Festival for New Modes of Moving and Existing

NEW LIFE BERLIN is a contemporary art festival dedicated to new modes of moving and existing. Curated from the online art community WOOLOO.ORG, NEW LIFE BERLIN aims to connect the critical resources of a global network of artists with the physical geography of Berlin, as Europe's pre-eminent centre for cultural production. NEW LIFE BERLIN is taking place in Berlin from June 1-15, 2008 in collaboration with BERLINAUT.

The NEW LIFE BERLIN artistic program is focused on participation and is open to proposals from international artists. By inviting participation (while still retaining curatorial control), NEW LIFE BERLIN will investigate the much discussed 'online community' - How effective is this community? What binds this community? What governs it? In contrast to traditional art festivals and biennials, NEW LIFE BERLIN will not represent a set of cultural conclusions, but create a model for a fluid cultural landscape. Artists working in all mediums are encouraged to apply for participation in the various NEW LIFE BERLIN projects. All applications must be made online.

Participation in the NEW LIFE BERLIN artistic program is open to artists and writers and is structured along three main themes:

Transnational Communities. What do 'community' and 'identity' mean today? Presenting projects from both artistic and sociological starting points, NEW LIFE BERLIN will use group participation to explore real-life cultural mobility.

Artistic Social Responsibility. What is the relationship between cultural practitioners and corporate entities in the new millennium? How does contemporary cultural production relate to the concept of "Corporate Social Responsibility"?

Participation and Intervention. How do participatory arts practices affect the socio-cultural environments in which they take place? How and why can local audiences become involved in artists' projects, and what does their involvement mean in terms of civic engagement and
social empowerment?

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