Tuesday, November 11, 2008

EATC's 'Art of Analysis and Rehearsal' Seminars

In January & February 2009, the European Association for Theatre Culture will host a seminar in two parts for directors, acting teachers, pedagogues and actors: Part I - The Art of Analysis and Part II - The Art of Rehearsal. “The first part of the seminar will concentrate on the analysis of the role and play at the table following different directions: vertical and horizontal, from different perspectives and on the basis of different philosophies and sciences. Furthermore, Jurij Alschitz has developed a new method for the analysis of a role by asking “40 Question of One Role”. The second part of the seminar will focus on rehearsal methods. Different authors and texts need different approaches. The rehearsal becomes a tool for analysis as well. In order to make a correct choice for one method, you must be familiar with various ones. This knowledge gives you the basis to find new ways for the realization of your own artistic language on stage.” The seminar includes lectures, discussions, exercises on the main subjects and practical stage work with individual assignments. Click here for the full details.

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