Thursday, October 20, 2011

Around the World 2011

Be a part of this exciting adventure for our 4th ‘Around the World’.  Live, interactive productions in NYC and Berlin with performances from 9 other countries.  Buy tickets here for New York.

Berlin 20.00 – New York 2:00pm
(Berlin - 20/16 or 12/8 Euros // NY - $10)

Performed by live actors simultaneously in New York and Berlin through Skype, one woman tries to relate and connect to the world around her, using a laptop as the mode in which she communicates; a quest for human connection in the modern world.

Touching, funny, and familiar, this piece examines computer-mediated communication and the human need for connection- the evolution of humanity through technology. Through its inventive use of Internet technology, the piece simultaneously comments on its own theme and explores the artistic and personal applications of this technology, as it is more fully integrated into our communications, relationships, lives. Winner of the Jury prize at 100° Festival Berlin 2011.

Concept & Artistic Production by Brina Stinehelfer / Per Aspera Productions
Created and Performed by Brina Stinehelfer and Arlene Chico Lugo
Co-Direction by Zoey Martinson and Nikolaus Schneider
Technical Direction by Nikolaus Schneider
Video by Agents of Change, Matthias Schöbe

Berlin 21:30 // New York 3:30pm
(20/16 or 12/8 Euros // - $18 food & drink or $10)

It's the last night of the world and you're invited to a party!  The Virtual Dinner Party is an opportunity to share a real experience from a virtual setting between New York and Berlin. Audience and actors mingle together, sharing food and laughter, while the other side of the table sits 4000 miles away. The table becomes the stage, and together we will connect on what it is that we have, and what it is we stand to lose.

Audience members will be treated to a theatrical dinner where you are the guest of honor!  The Dinner Table seating ticket includes a Three Course Meal including: Appetizers and Snacks, Potato Leek Soup, Cheese Course, Desert and Plenty of wine! Dinner Table Seating is limited.  Please reserve by emailing:

Concept and direction by Jake Witlen
Written by Joy Tomasko, Eric Pfeffinger, Caridad Svich, Eric Sanders, Bert Vandercastele and Peter J Roth

(make possible an impossible trip) 
New York 7:30pm
($18 for 9 visits or $10 for 3 visits)

Imagine that you have a window that allows you to see the private homes and intimate lives of people in 9 different countries. You don't need a plane ticket. You don't need a magic carpet. Travel without leaving New York. Connect. Fall in love. Make possible an impossible trip.

Long Distance Affair explores the question – what can you get from one person when all the information you get comes through a computer screen? 21 artists from 12 countries decided to take this virtual adventure. Be one of the 27 participants who get to take this journey and have 9 actors performing solely for you from their private homes.

Concept by Ana Margineanu
Directed by Doug Howe, Jeremy Lydic and Ana Margineanu
Choreography by Andreea Duta
Written by Alfonso Carcamo (Mexico), Ella Greenhill (England), Stacey Gregg (Ireland), Diane Lefer (US), Sigtryggur Magnasson (Iceland), Lisa Parry (England), Monica Raymond (US), Peca Stefan (Romania) & David L. Williams (US)
Performed by Radu Campean (Romania), Svandis Dora Einarsdottir (Iceland), Fatih Genckal (Turkey), Aimée Horne (Australia), Miguel Loyola (Mexico), Martina Marti (Finland), Lorenzo Montanini (Italy), Oksana Mysina (Russia) and Anastasia Papatheodorou (Greece).

(New York 9:30pm)
($10 includes After-Party with drinks)

What happens when a global network of strangers collaborate on an instant, completely unedited and uncurated script? Absurdity or profundity? The audience is the playwright, and online social networking her pen and paper. Two dudes with nothing much to say, each having just purchased a 40 oz. bottle of cool refreshing malt liquor, sit at a table. In front of them is a cell phone, and a computer screen. Dude #1 utters a sentence. The audience, observing these two guys via an online video streaming service, begin to send them text messages, tweets, emails, and facebook chats in a desperate, quick attempt to collaboratively dictate a script. The guys read the lines as they come in, in the order they come in. And if there are no lines coming in, they drink. The play is over when they finish their malt liquor. 

Concept by Jeremy Lydic
Written by You, the Audience


12 November 2011

Berlin:                  20.00 – 23:30
New York:          2:00pm – 5:30pm
                                7:30pm - 11:30pm

Berlin:                  Kunsthaus Tacheles, Goldene Saal, Oranienburger Str. 54-56a 10117
New York:           TACT Studio, 900 Broadway, Suite 905, New York, NY 10003


General Seating: 12/8 Euro
Dinner Table Seating: 20/16 Euro includes food & drink

New York:

Skype Duet                          $10

Virtual Dinner Party        $18 includes food & drink        
                                                $10 general seating

Long Distance Affair        $18 includes a visit to 9 countries
                                                $10 includes a visit to 3 countries

Make Me Talk,                  $10 includes after-party
Or Watch Me Drink         with drinks

Day or Night Pass             $25 includes premium seating
                                             for either 2:00 or 7:30 program

Event Pass                          $35 includes premium seating to all events

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