Saturday, October 22, 2011

Long Distance Affair - meet (some of ) the actors

So, we are in the middle of preparations for the Long Distance Affair. The playwrights are writing, the actors are rehearsing. Meet some of them now and meet them all on November 12. Buy tickets here.


Long Distance Affair explores the question – what can you get from one person when all the information you get comes through a computer screen? 21 artists from 12 countries decided to take this virtual adventure. Be one of the 27 participants who get to take this journey and have 9 actors performing solely for you from their private homes.

Concept: Ana Margineanu

Directed by Doug Howe, Jeremy Lydic & Ana Margineanu

Choreography by Andreea Duta

Written by Alfonso Carcamo (Mexico), Ella Greenhill (England), Stacey Gregg (Ireland), Diane Lefter (US), Sigtryggur Magnasson (Iceland), Lisa Parry (England), Monica Raymond (US), Peca Stefan (Romania) & David L. Williams (US)

Performed by Radu Campean (Romania), Svandis Dora Einarsdottir (Iceland), Fatih Genckal (Turkey), Aimée Horne (Australia), Miguel Loyola (Mexico), Martina Marti (Finland), Lorenzo Montanini (Italy), Oksana Mysina (Russia) and Anastasia Papatheodorou (Greece)

To reserve tickets (only 27) - email to 
($18 for visiting 9 countries or $10 for visiting 3 countries)

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