Sunday, March 16, 2008

Latvian Festivals

Homo Novus - International Festival of Contemporary Theatre
The most significant theatre festival in Latvia, taking place once in two years since 1995 - in September. The Latin meaning of Homo Novus is - the new, as yet unknown man. The aim of “Homo Novus” is not only to provoke the theatres of Latvia and the spectators to advance forth but also to expose the Latvian theatre on an international scale and to encourage purposefully a long term international cooperation. “Homo Novus” is a non-commercial festival that allows to see innovative and diverse theatre and dance performances from other countries for accessible prices. The foreign guests are offered to see the most distinguished performances of the Latvian theatres. -- Organizer: New Theatre Institute of Latvia.

Homo Alibi - Festival of Experimental Performing Arts
An international theatre festival that is organized with an aim to activate an unpopular or missing still potentially significant issues in the scene of the Latvian theatre. In the framework of the festival usually lectures, master classes, public readings of plays and other parallel activities are organized. The title - Homo Alibi has originated from a game of words based in Latin language, alibi meaning other, different, alternative, in legal terms - a justification. -- Organizer: New Theatre Institute of Latvia.

“Theatre Methods” International Festival
“Theatre Methods” is the annual professional festival-fair of contemporary methods in performing arts inviting representatives of various directions in stage work from all over the world. The main objective of the festival is to demonstrate various theatre methods, to share and exchange experience in professional theatre education and methods of rehearsal process. The program includes workshops, demonstrations, lectures, performances and discussions. -- Organizer: International University Global Theatre Experience.

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