Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Rubicon International Theatre Festival

Ventura, California's Rubicon Theatre has announced plans for an annual 10-day International Theatre Festival to launch its inaugural season in July 2009. The nonprofit festival, estimated to cost $1 million annually, will present a preview this summer between July 17-27. The program includes the American premiere of the French production Imagine-Toi performed by former Cirque du Soleil clown and mime artist Julien Cottereau, and an Ivory Coast production of Luis Marques' war drama, Eye of the Cyclone. Tickets average $38.

The stated vision of the fesitival is to be "a forum where citizens of the world can come together, immerse themselves in multiple productions over a concentrated period of time, and viscerally experience 'the road not taken'. They savor new adventures, discover new vistas, and examine their perceptions of the human condition. The personal experience of theatre illuminates universal themes and stimulates social dialogue, deepening human connections and fostering greater understanding between individuals and cultures."

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