Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Edinburgh: Athens of the North

English actress and comedian Lucy Porter, a 17 year veteran of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, offers some very helpful and humorous advice about attending (and surviving) that crazy month in Scotland. Read the full commentary here.

"Late nights and boozing are a key part of the Edinburgh experience for many performers and audiences. It always makes me chuckle when you hear American tourists alight at Waverley station and ask, 'Say, where can I get a drink?' The question is, where can you not get a drink? Possibly the only venue in Edinburgh that doesn't serve alcohol is the Temperance society, but even they are probably running some kind of hooch racket on the quiet. I've now lived in Edinburgh for 17 months in total. I've decided that, technically, this makes me about one-thirtieth Scottish - I just hope that thirtieth isn't the part that includes my liver. As a proud Scot, I would urge anyone to head to Edinburgh this August - just don't forget to pack an umbrella and a bikini."

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