Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Slag of All Snacks: The Musical

This summer at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, one show in particular will stand out. Not because it has some famous movie star or because it’s a long lost Shakespeare play. It is distinctive in that it isn’t really a show. Well, OK, it is a show, but it might as well be ‘the commercial that never ends’. Get ready, folks, cause Pot Noodle: The Musical is on its way. In most cases, one would think that this was just the catchy, ironical title a fringe show would need to attract attention. Thing is, it’s not meant as a joke. It’s the real deal. The people at Pot Noodle have teamed with advertising agency Mother to create this comic musical aimed at selling dehydrated snacks. End of theatre as well know it? Read more here.

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