Friday, July 11, 2008

European Cultural Foundation Project Grant

Artistic project grants for organizations and individual artists

General: This funding line supports outstanding artistic projects which show vision in illuminating the issues of diversity in Europe. Projects will be assessed specifically on their artistic quality. Artistic uniqueness and European relevance are the main selection criteria.

Who can apply? Cultural organizations AND individual artists
Deadline for applications: 1 September 2008
Average grant: €30 000 - €60 000

I. The Application Process
-For your first application, you do not have to fill in an application form. We simply ask you to present us your project in a written format (English, max. of 2 pages, around 1000 words), no attachments needed at this stage; of course, it helps when you say something about who might be involved, where and when it might be taking place, why this project is relevant. But as you only have limited space, stick to what is most important, and focus on what you are actually going to do.

-After the deadline, we will start reading all the project descriptions
-Within a few weeks, we will invite those applicants whose projects we found most interesting to write a more extensive project application. This will include all necessary technical details about dates, budget, exact activities, context, etc. These applicants will have 4 weeks to submit the complete applications
-The full project application will then be finally assessed by the Grants team and its advisers

For full guidelines, click here.

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