Thursday, February 12, 2009

Initiation International 2009

Scheduled activities
1. Performances by various artists / groups
2. Forum Discussion: Eyes and Perspectives: The View an Artist Takes in Other Cultures.

We are looking for performances for our annual Performance Festival. If you have existing works or planning to develop works that fit the theme, do send us a write-up.

We are looking for performances based on the following:
1. Related to the theme The Wanderings of an Artist. (Each performance should only have a maximum of 2 performers)
2. Original work- Non-aesthetics based (no elaborated set, props and lights) - Non-English works accepted if there are subtitles
3. A direct response to the Festival Director's message. (please visit

If your proposal is accepted, you will receive:
1. A letter of Invitation for your grant application.
2. Hotel accommodation up to 4 nights, with a small cash allowance.
3. Performance space and technical support.
Please note that you will have to manage your own support to travel to Singapore. Please also note a $100 deposit is required as deposit if your proposal is accepted (while be refunded upon arrival) together with a $50 registration fee.
We look forward to your proposals. Closing date – 15 April 2009
Please kindly bundle your proposal, with a short biography, and email them to

More About Initiation International
'Initiation International' aims to offer an intimate platform for artistic discovery in an open and non-threatening atmosphere of artistic exchanges. Inspired by the concept of a performance panel, this festival seeks to draw together a variety of unique performances that respond to a collective theme. Artists may interpret the given theme from their individual perspectives and create an original performance. We also strongly encourage artists to share experiences on their journey in creating the work to the given theme. while audiences will also be encouraged to provide critical feedback to the artists' works in an atmosphere of openness and genuine support. In the same spirit, Initiation International also showcases some works-in-progress to open audiences.

Intimate theatre is the format of play, all performances will be carried out in the same venue with the performance space kept relatively bare, down to its bare essentials. Every evening, there will be three performances. The festival will take place over the course of 2 days. Each performance shall not exceed 60 minutes in length. This will allow more time for audiences and artists to engage in meaningful post-performance discussions. Do note that artists will also be given technical restrictions, such as a fixed lighting rig and minimal set-up logistics crew to support their performances. The festival aims to showcase performers' delivery of the work, hence the conscious decisions in eliminating the extraneousness of a complicated stage design.

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