Friday, September 19, 2008

'Goodness' May Not Make Rwanda

Volcano, a Toronto theatre company, has been invited to perform their production of Michael Redhill’s Goodness at the second annual Festival Arts Azimuts in Huye, Rwanda. Trouble is, the Stephen Harper Canadian government has cut close to $45-million in arts and culture programs, including PromArt, which supported touring Canadian artists with travel grants, and Trade Routes, which supported the export of cultural goods and services. The Azimuts Festival has offered to pay €20,000 ($30,500) to bring Goodness to Rwanda, but Volcano’s artistic director Ross Manson estimates the total budget for the tour at more than $80,000. Recipient of many awards, including the ‘Best of Edinburgh 06’, Goodness is about a Jewish descendent of Holocaust survivors and an African woman who has been victim to a much more recent genocide. Read the ‘Globe & Mail’ article here.

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