Thursday, September 11, 2008

'The Nanny' is New Voice of US Public Diplomacy

This is how we win hearts and minds? With, possibly, the most annoying voice in America? Can't the Bush Administration just give up? It's only a few more months. It's like they are determined to fail abroad.

Television star Fran Drescher will serve as the newest envoy for US public diplomacy, with trips planned later this month to eastern Europe, the State Department said Friday. Star of the television comedy hit, The Nanny, Drescher will join baseball legend Cal Ripken Jr and US figure-skating superstar Michelle Kwan as envoys who help polish Washington's image abroad. Drescher is "a Golden Globe and Emmy nominee, cancer survivor and founder of non-profit organisation the Cancer Schmancer Movement," the State Department recalled in a statement. "She will support US public diplomacy efforts, including working with health organizations and women's groups to raise awareness of women's health issues, cancer awareness and detection, and patient empowerment and advocacy," it said. Her first trip in late September will include stops in Romania, Hungary, Kosovo and Poland. Assistant Secretary of State for Educational and Cultural Affairs Goli Ameri formally announced Drescher's appointment in Washington on Monday.

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