Monday, September 8, 2008

Natakam International Theatre Research Lab India

The Natakam International Theatre Research Lab India, in collaboration with Sopanam Performing Arts Centre and Actes Lies Theatre France, host an International Theatre Conference and Solo Performance Festival in Kerala, India from18-22 Jan 2009 (with a deadline of 30 Nov 2008). This year’s themes are Body Kinesis in Intercultural Performance and Matriarchy- Performance of Motherhood.

To gather a community of performance oriented group from all over India and abroad.
To explore the matriarchal point of view and the performance related to it exploring with traditional lores.
To provide opportunity for presentation and discussion on researches among academic scholars and practitioners in the theatre and performance studies in India.
To theorize on the present state of Intercultural aspects related to body images in Performance.
Studies discourse through the series of researches and / or presentations;
To exchange information among scholars and practitioners in the theatre and performance studies regarding this traditional theatre form;
To build networks among scholars and practitioners for future collaboration in research, academic exchange and performance praxis.
Performance Studies scholars interested and/or focused on Body exploration/kinesis.

Researchers, academics and consultants with research interests on Theatre and Performance Studies (especially those who specialize in intercultural studies)
Theatre practitioners: actors, directors, artistic staff, production staff and stage staff who specialize or perform.
Graduate and post-graduate students in theatre, performance studies and related fields
Publishers of journals and/or academic textbooks in Theatre and Intercultural Performance Studies
Students in theatre arts, art studies, art education, performance studies and related disciplines.

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