Friday, September 26, 2008

Performance Studies international Conference

The conference will take place in Zagreb, Croatia, its theme being MISPERFORMANCE: Misfiring, Misfitting, Misreading. The aim of the 15th PSi conference is to study a broad spectrum of cultural, organizational, technological and political performances by focusing on the causes and the problems of performance mistakes,misreadings, misunderstandings and misfittings – i.e., those outcomes of performance that are susceptible to provoking disturbances – even deep alterations – within diverse spheres of life: from the private to the social and political, ranging from slips of tongue, via artistic avant-garde and aborted revolutions, to environmental disasters; from ideological distortions and abuses of power to new perspectives andresistance to authorities of any kind.

The Organizing Committee of PSi #15 has decided to propose a new conference format, combining both the traditional and various non-conventional, open and flexible models of presenting, discussing and performing. While during the day conference participants present their papers in panel discussions, in the evening and late night slots they will be invited to participate in a program of shifts. Shifts are designed to accomplish a higher level of interaction between the participants in the conference, and, more specifically, between artistic and theoretical work. For more info, please visit PSi here.

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