Monday, November 14, 2011

5 best things from Around The World

Virtual Dinner Party - Berlin

What a day, November 12! But we did it, we did it! One day, 4 shows, 3 continents, and over 25 artists from 13 different countries! So, we started with a Skype Duet...

Skype Duet NYC

...then we exchanged food and drinks with Berlin in Virtual Dinner Party.

Virtual Dinner Party - NYC

In the evening we jumped in a "Long Distance Affair" with 9 actors performing for NYC audiences via skype from Australia, Mexico, Russia, Finland, Italy, Iceland, Romania, Greece & Turkey.

Long Distance Affair
Miguel Loyola in Long Distance Affair

Next, the spectators wrote live the script for Make Me Talk or Watch Me Drink!

Make Me Talk or Watch Me Drink

The 5 Best Things? Hard to say. Still. Here are my personal favorite moments of the day:

1. Watching the spectators both in NYC and Berlin dancing in Skype Duet

2. When I heard Cathy announcing that Long Distance Affair is sold out

3. Working with artists from other countries, without traveling - it's funny sometimes, how emotion can break through and how connections can be made regardless the physical distance. (well, in fact this was my biggest accomplishment in this process)

4. Watching all the people in the audience texting on their phones for Make Me Talk or Watch Me Drink

5. When one spectator from Virtual Dinner Party, said to another, after the show: "Let's come back later."
& one more:
5a. Watching the spectators from LDA writing postcards for the actors

Ok. It's time to make a confession. This post is not only a post, it's also a test. I'm curious to see if you read so far, if you are still here. So, please, if you are still here, post a comment! It can be as short and easy as "I'm still here" or, if you are in the mood to write, tell me how you ended up reading this article and what made you stay. If you were one of our audience members in  "Around The World" tell me what show you saw and what are your feelings, good or bad. Ok? Thank you!


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Diane said...

I'm still here -- and wish I'd been there!