Wednesday, November 23, 2011

HOTEL PROJECT (The Grand Summit Hotel)

We are incredibly excited to start our new adventure: Hotel Project. The pilot of this international theatical series happend this summer in Queretaro, Mexico. And in January 2012 we are going to launch Hotel Project in Summit, NJ and in Manhattan, NYC. 

Hotel Project is a theatrical experience for one spectator at a time, performed in and inspired by a hotel and created by local and international teams of playwrights and directors. Adapted for local hotels in major cities around the world, this performance offers audiences a view of contemporary international artists and emerging theatrical forms. The uniqueness of the project consists in the relationship between performer and spectator.

In Hotel Project, 3 playwright and director teams are assembled and commissioned to create a 20-minute performance inspired by the character and history of the hotel.Each is performed in a separate room of that hotel and given for a single spectator at a time, creating an immersive theatrical experience. The spectator is given the opportunity to view a set of three rooms in an evening. Once keys are chosen, the spectator is invited to enter the corresponding rooms alone. Inside, the play begins to unfold and the spectator becomes the proverbial “fly on the wall;” an invisible witness to a unique and intimate story.

For now, the first step: visiting the gorgeous Grand Summit Hotel, our new set:

 ...ask a lot of questions about rooms, hotel, people... everything...

... then ask more questions ....

do not steal the chocolate covered strawberry! ...

... but feel inspired by the unique athmosphere of the rooms - there are no two alike in this hotel!

...then plan, plan plan. 6 hours of planing, and it feels like we are just getting started :)

Conceived by Internationalists director Ana Margineanu, Hotel Project is an innovative twist on single-spectator theatre, a genre rapidly gaining critical and popular appeal in New York City and around the world. Ms. Margineanu’s piece “The Blind Trip,” presented as part of The Internationalist’s festival Which Direction Home? was featured in The New York Times in July of this year. In that article, Vallejo Gantner, the artistic director of P.S. 122 says of the genre: “It’s not just the numbers but much more about the theater of intimacy. I think audiences want this because it flings the challenge of creating meaning and interpretation back on the audience members. It’s the way we’ve always imagined the virtual world, but it’s alive.”

To find out more about this project,  click here.

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