Friday, November 11, 2011

AROUND THE WORLD this Saturday Only! have you bought tickets yet?

Last chance to be a part of this exciting adventure !  Live, interactive productions in NYC and Berlin with performances from 9 other countries.  Buy tickets here for New York.

The Internationalists' 4th Annual AROUND THE WORLD begins simultaneously between New York and Berlin, with directors Brina Stinehelfer (DE) and Jake Witlen (US) teaming up for an adventure through the very depths of the Internet, with Skype Duet and Virtual Dinner Party.

Starting 7.30 PM, New York will host a festival of new work by directors Ana Margineanu (RO), Jeremy Lydic (US) and Doug Howe (US). First sit face to face via Skype with actors in Turkey, Iceland, Italy, Finland, Russia, Australia, Romania, Mexico and Greece for a Long Distance Affair

Then you, the audience, will write the script for two actors in real time using social media technology in Make me talk or watch me drink. Be sure to stay for the after-party!!!

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