Monday, November 7, 2011

Make Me Talk Or Watch Me Drink in next weekend's Around the World!

What happens when a global network of strangers collaborate on an instant, completely unedited and uncurated script? Absurdity or profundity? The audience is the playwright, and online social networking her pen and paper. Two dudes with nothing much to say, each having just purchased a 40 oz. bottle of cool refreshing malt liquor, sit at a table. In front of them is a cell phone, and a computer screen. Dude #1 utters a sentence. The audience, observing these two guys via an online video streaming service, begin to send them text messages, tweets, emails, and facebook chats in a desperate, quick attempt to collaboratively dictate a script. The guys read the lines as they come in, in the order they come in. And if there are no lines coming in, they drink. The play is over when they finish their malt liquor.

Concept by Jeremy Lydic
Written by You, the Audience

Buy your tickets now for 'Around the World' on November 12th.

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