Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Frequently Asked Questions about 2012 Global Playwriting Contest

Is my play eligible if it has been produced before?

We are looking for new plays that are in earlier stages of development, that have not had design elements or a paying audience.  It should be at a point where the writer is done writing and wants to 'hear' it. We are not excluding things that have been previously developed in a reading or workshop or university, but are primarily looking for something that The Internationalists and the winning writer can develop further together.  

Why was my submission returned?

In addition to the script, we ask that you respond to the specified guidelines and questions listed on the contest form.  You can find all this information on our website and facebook.  We have a lot of submissions, so please read the information carefully.  It only helps us distribute plays faster.

What do you mean by 'presentation'?

The Internationalists are committed to producing public staged readings of the winning play.  As the term 'reading' has different connotations in different cultures, we decided to use the term presentation.  Depending on specific circumstances in select locations, there may be a higher level of production value, but this is not a condition of the award.

If I win, will I receive compensation?

There is no monetary prize for this contest.  The award includes public presentations of your play, and in specific circumstances, may also result in the translation of your play into another language.  

If I win, will I be invited to the readings?

You will be more than welcome at any and all of the public presentations, and The Internationalists will assist in securing travel funds and housing accommodations for you.

What is the time frame of the readings?

It is the goal of The Internationalists to produce five public presentations within 2012.  Depending on scheduling, they may continue into the beginning of 2013.

What about copyright?

The text of the play will remain at all times the property/copyright of the playwright.  The Internationalists will require 1) listing in future publications and programs, 2) that no other productions take place between our first and last reading, and 3) right of first refusal for a full production within a reasonable amount of time following the final reading.  ‪Details to be negotiated in good faith upon winning.

What will be expected of the winning playwright?

Though we are happy to receive all eligible scripts, we are looking for someone who is also interested in accompanying The Internationalists on this journey.  We look forward to developing a relationship with both the play and the playwright.  We are eager to share a fantastic new play to as broad a global audience as possible.

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