Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Cooper Square

(Top Row L-R) Andy Vitolo, Karina Bes, Michel Van der Aa, Jeremy Lydic, Lauren Keating, Meghan Arnette (Middle Row L-R) Ashlet Kelly-Tata, Dina Keller, Doug Howe, Tess Jamias, Indy Lee (Bottom Row L-R) Esther Neff, Tamilla Woodard, Athina Kasiou
(not pictured) Ana Margineanu, Matteo Tarasco, Michel Melamed


The Internationalists said...

"Neff" not Ness :-)

The Internationalists said...

When I see the picture taken in Cooper Square, I have an image of Marvel Heros. Those heros are having a meeting in Hall of Justice to talk about 'how to save the world' (should think something more down to earth, instead). They are in different costumes, with different talents and speaking different langugae. They are a team working together as well as showing their individulities.

To remember, we are not Fantastic 4, we no need to wear a uniform, though I like Jesscia Alba wearing the tight suit. hahhaha...