Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A few more questions...hoping to get to the root of our mission???

Esther Neff (New York)

Donald Kuspit argues that art has lost its aesthetic import and that "postart" (Alan Kaprow's term) values the banal over the enigmatic, the scatalogical over the sacred, and cleverness over creativity. Is this true? And if so, is this necessarily entropic? In terms of theatre, have we reached Blau's "vanishing point" where theatre and action are synonymous? Are we killing our own form by losing theatrical aesthetics?

Alexander Mitscherlich writes that art is "[a] scrap of critical freedom of thought against external pressure to conform and internal fear" to which Donald Kuspit adds "aesthetic experience is the momentary, personal, exhiliarating form of this fearless scrap[...]it transforms alienation into freedom and adversariness into criticality"

It is this last bit that perhaps speaks loudly to our mission: theatre must create an aesthetic "other space" from which we may view our own shared space with an analytic eye; International discourse provides us all additional political, cultural, and personal perspective and it makes immediate sense that a global theatre should emerge to make sure that theatre as an art form does not merge with didactic "postart" action and VANISH but instead evolve as an artistic study of human behavior and aesthetics...

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