Monday, June 25, 2007

It Begins

I know we were told in our playwriting workshops never to preface our comments, but screw it. I am going to do my best to recap what occurred today at the meeting. As I am not a professional stenographer, forgive me for paraphrasing (or totally missing) your points. Feel free to correct or comment on anything that you think needs to be clarified.

The List of What Doug Heard


New Digital Age
Back to Nostalgia
Moving, roaming community
Use technology to our advantage
Collaborate to investigate the individual
Centralized Organizer/Curator
Collect and compound information about influences
Time and Place for Shared Moment
Public and Private - History of Politeness
Exploration of/with language barriers
Spectacles that unify
Public vs. Private
Music is Language
Origins of Communication
Mythological Force
Same Theme, Different Countries
Music - unifying factor
Community Development
One play, different interpretations
Projects and Deadlines
Find/Share Communities
Simultaneous Global Sharing
Commercial - think about the audience
Puppy Penguin
Artistic Feedback
Think Tank
Expansion of Audience (touring/interactive)
Collaboration after getting to know individuals and qualities
International Directors Lab - practical technique/styles
Simutaneous, same cast, digital
Gesture Investigation across cultures
Share Legends/Myths of Creation
Pick a story/play and explore different ways of telling it
Subjective vs. Social Identity
Myth - Religious Code
Icon, Index, Sign, Symbol
Commitments (own job, life, projects)
Common Resting Place/Retreat (once a year?)
Combine Cultures
Multi-lingual medium - exploration of meaning itself
Apprentice/Assist/Co-Create with individuals
Expand audience
Simultaneous space/time - togetherness
Time - Rhythm of Life
Travel to other countries
Help each other to produce in our own countries
Info about each others shows - Knowledge
Specifics of Process
International Directors Community
Super Size - Insane Projects
EU Funding Program
Verschleppung (Telephone Game)
2 week retreat
Big Company flight miles
Monumental Ideas
Globalization of Theatre
Group Workshops (internal and external)
Web Cam Meetings
More questions than answers
Anne and Lab involvement
Touring model
Star Alliances

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