Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Due Friday, July 6th

1. Thoughts/ideas/comments about mission statement
2. Bios (long and short form)
3. Company Name proposals

At our second meeting, we discussed the difference between a vision statement and a mission statement. Essentially, the vision is the why (the dream, the plan, the goal, the statement of impossibility) and the mission is the how. As of right now, we divided our potential activities into three categories: 1. Community 2. Exchange 3. Collaboration. We are well on our way to accomplishing the first.

Here's another (by no means complete) list of things I heard.

Home Sources
Union Issues
Reinvent the system
Find others who do this similar work
Think outside the box
By celebrating our diversity, we discover what unites us
Create a new global tradition
Destroy stereotypes
Shared audiences
'What's my culture now?'
Eliminate the 'other'
Theatre as a natural resource
Value - Trade
Cultivating a Global Community
Theatrical Currency


Lauren said...

As we think about name proposals, are we looking form a group? a company? an alliance? a club? Those are the major definers I can think of that are used by theaters in the US. That last word of our name will say a lot about what we're trying to accomplish.

company - assemblage of persons for social purposes, a fellowship
group - a collection of things that is related in some way
alliance - merging of efforts or interests by persons; formal agreement by two or more nations to cooperate for specific purposes.
club - a heavy stick ...ok, lame joke. also, an organization that offers subscribers certain benefits.

just food for thought in the coming week.

The Internationalists said...

I think our state is a little bit different. We have no 'artistic director', 'co-ordinator' or 'curator'.. We don't have a specific venue or space. Some people are working outside of America, rare to work together in one project.

However, as a theatre person, we should make some 'work' instead of forum or discussion. I am sure we will work on our feet in the short future. Let see what we prepare today could help for the future development.

May be at the moment, we are in a kind of alliance of the first part Lauren said.

I think exchange of arts or theatre work is also a kind of trading. Theatrical currency is good to interprete what we are going to do. And it is not only an exchange of physical object or commodity, it also includes ideas, information and concepts.

We should avoid the tourism of one culture/theatre under the Globalization. It is similiar to 'stereotype', but it is also a problem of consumption in Globalization. One culture or theatre will only show the 'good side' to the 'customer'. We are going to explore the 'good/bad sides' of one culture/theatre, but at least we should bring our critical thinking to see.

Besides the exchange, we should keep our individuality with personal style and cultural background. One hand, Globalization is good to narrow the gap between each others, but on the other hand, it is a kind of standardization.

Three categories is good to represent our goal and development.

The Internationalists said...

sorry, the last post is from Indy

megspaz said...

Alliance feels like a great way to describe how I think of it right now. Merging of efforts for a specific purpose. It has the feel of individuals coming together for something bigger but the parts are still individual, not homogenized.