Wednesday, June 27, 2007

What Theatre Means To Indy

Indy Lee (Hong Kong)
One day, I count what I get from my life, friendship, family, working partners, money, achievement, love, pain, enjoyment, suffering, learning, expression, connection, discovery, exploration, good time, bad time, loneliness, living overseas, struggle, surprise, realisation, awareness, self-esteem, care, ambitious, humble, respect, creativity, passion, openness, self-indulgent, myself....... all those things are from the 'place and space' - theatre, where I work/live/stay in.
I cannot deny, if there is no theatre, how come we could come together and make dream for the future? How come we could respect each others with those different point of views in one thing? Theatre is not only creating a better life for the future. It is a starting point for us to live for the future. We are not solving problem, we are creating problems here. You see, when we come together to talk about the 'collaboration', it is a problem. Why do those people have so much time and effort to do this 'less return but demanding' thing? Because we have not enough, all of us want to get more, know more and live more. I can use the lens of theatre to see the world. The world connected is not only by technology, but the life we live - theatre.
The most important point to me is if I only work in theatre for money, then this is not 'theatre' to me.

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