Thursday, June 21, 2007

One at a Time

Doug Howe (New York)

So to get things rolling, in an attempt to answer three of the most essential questions any theatre artists can ask, I will respond to them one by one, in as short and simple a way as possible. (Plus, it's already past midnight and I'm tired.)

#1 - What Theatre Means to Me

Simply put, theatre gives meaning to my life. I've never thought the question should be 'what is the meaning of life?', I think it should be 'what is the meaning in life?' I believe life itself is without meaning. It is us who bring meaning to it. Just being alive is the meaning. As Jung wrote, "Every carrier is charged with an individual destiny and destination, and the realization of this alone makes sense of life."

Theatre allows me to experience both life's pains and pleasures. It generates a sense of awe and wonder that propels us forward. Theatre turns spirit into matter, and in this communal act, these staged stories gives us clues that unite the forces within us. It builds a bridge between our intellectual consciousness and our intuitive subconscious. By creating theatre, I create myself.

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