Thursday, July 12, 2007

Anne's response

I will attempt to write another more informal paragraph following Anne's advice.
Please feel free to post further suggestions, comments or disagreements.
this is Anne's email to us:

Hi Athina
Thanks for sending this along
And it was great to meet with you and Tamilla
I also talked to Indy about this as well

Might I suggest you ask Tamilla to help you draft this excellent
proposal in a slightly more informal way - so it says something like

We, the dozen or more directors from abroad who came to the 2007
Directors Lab this summer, have been meeting and dreaming of making a
network across the globe of new work, made by young artists. Who are
we? How do we share our work? Do we have access to theater spaces? How
can we communicate in cyberspace and in real space? And how can we
begin to bring our realized work to other countries to play for new
audiences? We dream of setting up a new international network.

Anyone want to join our quest? Who are you? Where are you from? What
are your thoughts? What are your resources?


Your names, your countries, your theaters

Jill and I can forward this to about 50-60 other international directors
We should think about making a new email group called The
Internationalists so you all can communicate - and we (who?) should
gather names and ideas and contact info...

Can you pass all this on to the others? You're welcome to use the
language I wrote above or of course amend or use your own. I would make
it a little more informal, and open the idea to the suggestions of

Excellent work - look forward to hearing from you

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