Monday, July 9, 2007

Mission - work-in-progress

Dear all,

After lots of rewrites Pia and I have come to this paragraph:

The internationalists (working title)


We are a community of international theatre makers looking to exchange theatrical currencies on a global stage.

Through broadening the exposure of both individually and collaboratively initiated work, we invite our audiences to enter an intercultural dialogue, expand personal and political perception and impact our creative processes. Building a network of venues under one alliance, we can offer one's theatre to another's community. By exploring means of linking artists, audiences and spaces, we want to ensure that an array of international work is readily accessible to audiences worldwide.

We have send this to Anne, since we need to get the ball rolling, but I made it clear this is a a work-in-progress. DON'T panic if you have further suggestions - things are flexible.

What we need to do is use this paragraph - or versions of this mission to attack HOME RESOURCES - find as much information as possible about international organisations/festivals/funding/network - anyone who can give us some information or is interested in helping us with our mission. GOOD LUCK! let the research begin!



Tamilla said...

This Paragraph is good. One thing in an earlier blog of INdy's he says something like "using theatre as a lens through which to view the world". We all desperately need to SEE each other more clearly, without judgement or bias or perhaps with great bias and judgement-- either way theatre is certainly a lens through which aspects of our collective lives, stories and dreams can be put into focus for others to finally see and perhaps recognize. As directors we have some control over the lens -- Tamilla

The Internationalists said...

I appreciate you guys could sum up our ideas within one paragraph. It could cover what we suggested before. Yes, Tamilla, in the last few weeks, I am also thinking about our work. It is not only to work out a 'physical or visual performance'. When we ask the audience to change their pre-conception after seeing our audience, how could we adjust our lens before or during working with each other? I don't mind we are not producing 'new work'. But new thinking and insight are much more important for an artist growth. -- Indy