Friday, July 6, 2007


Jake Witlen (New York)

In terms of names, I have been kicking around the idea of "The Embedded Theatre" for a long time and give it to the pile for consideration. It takes its name from the sense of "embedding" reporters in the field, and I think there's something nice about the inclusion of all inside of the form.

As our world gets smaller and smaller it becomes increasingly important to find the interconnectedness of us all. Through the ever present technology we share, what are the means and possibilities of morphing them into a theatrical event? What happens if an audience in New York and Berlin experience the same show, simultaneously, but the actors share scenes from across the pond? If we harness the power of internet/satellite hook ups, we allow audience members 3000 miles apart to share the same air, be together in more than just spirit. These connections bring us together, remind us that we all share the same space on this tiny planet, and survival is shared equally among all of us. The connections between people and culture becomes paramount in our new theatre, for as we grow closer together in spirit, our minds sometimes grow further and further apart. Theatre is a breeding ground for people to come together. It's time to come together and breathe the same air, share thoughts, and discover each other as we all are-- human.

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