Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Email to Anne

Dear Internationalists,
I hope this voices our concerns and how Anne could possibly help us at this phase.
this is the email Pia and I have send to Anne.

Dear Anne,
Thank you again for the interest and support you have shown in our proposed collective. We shared your email with the group and have come to a mutual understanding about the next step in our development.

At the moment there are 17 of us committed to and excited about this venture. Whilst our time at the Lincoln Center was invaluable to get to know each other, we need the opportunity to build this core collective, understand each other’s work and crucially find a collaborative structure that will accommodate our goals
(establish an international network of venues and a community of collaborators) and enable an efficient method of working.
This seems to us like phase 1 in a multi-phased process.
There has been a group consensus that inviting others to join at this stage will complicate the decision making process. Our aim remains to incorporate many directors from around the world (thus continually expanding our venue network as well as our community) but we cannot achieve this until we have laid strong structural foundations. We see the growth of the group as part of the next phase.
Whilst we all agree that many of the questions you raised are fundamental and need addressing, our primary concern is how we can transform our idealistic visions into a practical functioning network.

Are you able to help us explore the different structural /management methods? Can you put us in touch with people who have experience in this area and will be able to illuminate different approaches?

One of the questions that you posed was the difference between communicating in cyberspace and real space. We are all agreed that whilst skype conferencing, blogs and emails are vital tools to our international collaboration there is an undeniable need to be able to interact in real space both as a group of directors and with our advisors.

Is there still potential for Lincoln Center to host our first phase, including inviting mentors and advisors?

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts,

Athina and Pia (and the Internationalists)


The Internationalists said...

Anne's response:

Nice to hear from you

Why don't we all meet here in Sept and then I can get a fuller picture of what's going on.....

Maybe the week of the 10th ?

The Internationalists said...

great letter.

i might be in europe with matteo and athina and pia the week of the 10th. any chance we can move it later in september?


Queenie said...

Thanks Athina and Pia. I think the letter to Anne is great. Great that Anne is so enthousiastic about our plans.


The Internationalists said...

Unfortunately I cant come to NYC in September. Maybe some of you NYC based guys can meet with Anne and brief us Euors later?
- Michel

megspaz said...

That is a great response, go team London! I might be able to get to NYC for a couple days after September 15th (10th is a tech week for me) but I am happy to hear from the New York based peeps if they can meet with Anne.

athina said...

Dear Internationalist -
can one of the topics of conversation in the NY meeting could be the date for the meeting?
We need to confirm it with Anne.

stupid said...

hello i am saroj from ( Nepal) I am so regarding to attend the
the meeting I was not able to aattend it but i hope meeting was good and realistic and fruitful.
I am trying to set our own web site ,,, and I talked to Doug too. but i don't how i can do that, so i am ready for work on our own site, for that so please give me some advice.
I am promptly waiting for the response.