Wednesday, July 18, 2007

thoughts on model

So some of you have heard me (already) toute the efficiencies and deplore the deficiencies of the co-operative system but overall I am in strong favor of this model as applicable to theatre organization. I feel that it may work well for us because A: it establishes a leadership team (Artistic Director and Associate Artistic Director) through votes as well as the other board posts (PR, accounting, etc) thereby aborting the weaknesses that arise from consensus operation and B: this leadership team is rotated through an organization by periodic re-voting and accountability to the mission statement. C: membership in the organization is confirmed by a certain number of hours contributed, i.e work on shows or in administration (one board member is in charge of keeping track of hours) and D: the co-operative model is trans national and not "commercial" in the American sense of corporate model. The board may be established for each production/project and need not be a timeline (monthly, yearly) post. In any case, that is my thought on organization...
P.S Dina and I couldn't wait and are collaborating on a project for November some time...we decided to jump first and ask questions later and are more than willing to be guinea pigs for the organization regarding how well this kind of idealism "plays" (ha ha) out.
P.P.S I will take time off to write grants if this is needed, I really truly believe in this with all my heart, and the mission statement thing is EXCELLENT in my opinion.
P.P.P.S I have a blog called the Panoply Theatrician if anyone wants to read a bit on the process of building a play called ORGANS/ORIGINS...that was a side note. (ASHLEY??? Are you back from Greece?)
Love, Esther

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