Sunday, July 8, 2007


From Jeremy Lydic

what's in a name?

allied/axis - A jolting name? Hmm, it definitely brings something specific to mind, but it's also a transparent reminder that the world is full of alliances between places that go to war, or at least are at odds, and yet coexist in harmony, discordant harmony, yes, but a necessary global harmony. Also, axis denotes 1.) the spinning of the earth, 2.) an intersection (between countries, artists, ideas, people, you get the idea), maybe I'll revise the name with a slight flip:

axis/allied - ahh, that's better.

Interhuman Theater
Earth Theater Alliance
Golbal Performance Lab

I'm just riffing here, names are hard!

Mission Statement idea:
To create a microcosm of the international theater community in order to see and understand how our global art ecosystem works, and to take advantage of the benefits of golbalzation while striving to maintain global diversity.

I like the idea of a microcosm. It's like we're a reduction of the entire world theater community down to 10-20 people/companies, come together with a common understanding and desire to benefit from interglobal communication.

Sorry I can't be more succinct. I guess I'm just Process Oriented.

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